Kevin and Julie's Wedding Weekend

So... Back to Kevi's wedding weekend. Friday after we got to Orlando, we checked into Hawthorne Suites, which rule btw. Kitchen, living room, 2 queen beds, an amazing free breakfast, open bar from 5:30-7:30 daily, free wifi, and a nice pool - all for only $90 a night.

So after checking in, Kevi gave us some pretty rad gifts. Kari and Amy got wine and Zach and I got branding irons for stamping steaks, etc. I might use it to stamp some of my woodworking things as well. He also gave us some nice grilling spices and such - I'm excited to try it all out.

Later, we went to rehearsal and dinner at Ohana's where we got more gifts. I got a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 year scotch and Zach got some Effen vodka. <3 Kevi. Dinner was delicious. During dinner we just barely missed the launch of shuttle Atlantis... But we saw the trail! After dinner we road the monorail around Disney real quick, then ended the night by celebrating at Jelly Rolls on the Boardwalk.

Saturday we woke up and called about Amy's luggage and found out that her stuff was finally on the way to Orlando. She had been wearing the same clothes for 2 days now. So her, Zach, and I busted back out to the airport to pick her stuff up - it was there, thank God. Then Zach and I came back to meet Kevi for sushi - which ended up being lunch at the biggest TGIFridays ever.

After a couple beers and lunch, we prepared for the 100 degree (literally) outdoor Florida wedding by putting on tuxedos. Since it was hotter than hot, I packed a hankercheif, which Zach and I passed back and forth during the entire ceremony. We shared lots of sweat. Aside from the heat it was a really nice ceremony - a little weird in that the pastor didn't even know them, but still nice - and short.

After the ceremony Kevi and Julie got us a limo to the reception, where we passed around champagne and Patron. Not just any Patron - it was Patron Platinum, the $180 hand blown crystal bottle full of the best tequila ever. I thought that Patron Silver was good - not like this. This was better than water. Seriously amazing.

So once we got to the reception, Zach reminded me that he was freaking out about his speech. I hadn't even thought about it yet - so I too started freaking out. I kept thinking of stories to tell, which I have plenty of... but for some reason I got so nervous I couldn't do it. I think I gave the shortest toast in the history of toasts. Luckily I remembered to toast to Mr and Mrs Kevi Switzer. Once we got our toasts out of the way, we had a really nice reception. It was short and small, but still, it was good. It was also fun seeing r00 and karisa.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel to party. Only once we got there, Zach and I were the only ones still in the mood for partying. So we dressed up and partied.

Sunday we woke up with plans of going to Universal, but in an attempt to save a little more money we decided to hit up Daytona Beach instead. Daytona Beach was real nice. You can literally drive right on the beach, which rules - until high tide comes in. Later that night we met r00 and Karisa at City Walk for a couple drinks and Cigars.

Finally, we slept for 3 hours and caught a much smoother trip back to Iowa. The only bad thing that happened on the way home was that our bags got searched. In that process my bottle of fiddich from Kevi was opened and leaked all over our luggage. I was sad.

So, Congrats to Kevi and Julie!
Here are my pics - about $1,200 worth... :(
hey! i saw you on VH1 classic last night....rock honors....or maybe it was just some fag that you try to look, though. Does the Margera family have GAY in its genes, too?
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