Ok, is now officially online! I know that some of you had seen the site as I've been building it on my school server... but then you probably noticed that it got shut down. That's because I got into a little trouble for having an anonymous email system on Cornell's server. Anyway, they took away my php rights on the campus server, so I couldn't do anything more to my site. I then uploaded the site to my new host (

Ok, I have added more, edited more, and imported the databases... so now everything is up and running at it's permanent location, I wasn't able to recover all the comments, but I got some of them... sorry if your comment got deleted during the switch. Anyway, the site is not complete... but it is open for your use. Check it out and tell me what you think.
Excellent work my friend! Wow, that AG website really looks like shit!

Kevin posted

dude...u r pretty good at this webdesign gonna be ur manager!

Josh posted

Whoa! i wrote this at 11:11, and i forgot to make a wish.

derek posted

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