Oh man, so I got a new computer at work.

Dell Optiplex GX620
-P4 HT 3ghz
-2gb RAM
-150gb HD
-And a ball mouse, wtf? I need an optical mouse in this piece.

Combined with my new dual LCD monitors, I'm loving life at work.

I haven't even had it setup for a full day yet and I already want to get a new setup for home. There, I'm running the same computer I got back in 2002. It was pretty fast at the time, but it's over 4 years old. I've doubled the RAM and added 120 more gigs to the HD, but it's just not keeping up with my video/photo stuff anymore.

So, I need a new PC to compliment my new 22" wide screen LCD from Jeff. And then I'll compliment that with another one of the same monitors. And then compliment that with a nice new desk. And then I'll accessorize with a new bar in the basement, and an EVO IX in the garage.

Hopefully my tax return is like $40,000.
good luck with that
I was laughing when i read ball mouse....i would be sooo pissed
the ball mouse was replaced with the microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000, yesssss.

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