Preparing to Meet the President

After my shower this morning I thought to myself, "What should I wear to make myself presentable to the President of the United States?"

I don't really like dressing up and I wasn't about to start… but I felt like I should at least make an attempt. My normal attire consists of a hat, a pair of skate shoes, an unwashed pair of jeans, and an inappropriate/inappropriately priced screenprinted tee.

To me, the only real variables of this outfit were my hat and shirt.

So I glanced at my 2 stacks of t-shirts and thought, "I probably shouldn't wear a screen printed shirt... Maybe I should throw on one of my 'fancy' flannel button ups."

After looking through those for a bit I remembered that I worked in a 76 degree office and that everyone in the workplace would be packed as close to the president as possible... thus raising the mean temperature to ~91 degrees.

So, I flipped through the backlog of t-shirts (that I rotate monthly as I do laundry) - looking for the most presidential tee I could find.

I settled on a plain gray American Apparel v-neck. A v-neck that I wasn't slated to wear for at least another 10 days.

I put it on with my custom etsy bread tag necklace, a hoodie, and a beanie.

Nah... Beanies are not for presidents. Nor are hoodies.

How about my other, non-hooded hoodie and some straight feathered hippie hair.

This was the look. The look I would shake the president's hand in. Continued...

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