Rochester Knockdown

Welp, Rochester was pretty rad. We tried to hit all the hot spots in 1 night, which made things quite insane. It ruled though because everything was pretty much within walking distance.

So we started the night off by eating at Newt's. I had heard that Newt's has the best burgers in town. So we went in expecting to order their burger - a normal, but really good burger. We didn't realize that they had a several awesome burgers with special recipes. I had this burger with Jalapenos and garlic ground into the meat prior to cooking. Zach had a Cheyenne bleu cheese burger, and Nathan had a burger with eggs and bacon on it. Seriously, best burgers in town... or maybe even the country!!! (chalk another one up for Minnesota, Josh).

After Newt's we went out to Westfire Grille, which was a weird place, cool, but weird. It was a restaurant that turned into a dance club at night. We didn't stay too long because we wanted to find a good martini, which led us to the Redwood Room. Redwood is a really nice restaurant with a little bar and excellent martinis. There were only 2 other people there, both girls, who seemed cool at first but were actually quite retarded. So we had our martinis, Stella Artois, and then bailed.

We then walked down to Kathy's Pub, with a quick pitstop at CJ's for a drink. Kathy's was an interesting place. Super crowded, trough urinal, etc. Then we found the upstairs which had pool tables, foosball, and way less people. We played games, hung out with Mayo Doctors, then decided to come home early to swim. The German Mayo dude made a bit of fun of Americans' fondness of Belgian beer, haha.

So back at the hotel we unclogged our toilet, ordered pizza, swam, then walked around town shirtless. Afterwards we were going to go to bed when this random couple that we saw in the elevator showed up at our room. Which is weird because we actually had a picture of her at Kathy's with her friends who apparently were interested in us, haha. So she talked about how awesome she was and how much everyone else sucked. In fact, the dude she was with got so annoyed with her that he left. So she showed us her tattoos and bragged a lot more while we played "yeah, you're totally awesome."

We finally went to bed around 4:00 so we could be wide awake for the Heelys demo at Apache Mall, which went really nicely. Actually, overall Rochester is a pretty dope town. I don't think I'd like to live there since it's even smaller than Des Moines, but I'd definitely visit again - hopefully not for the hospital.

Saturday we had dinner at Vicki's house for my B-Day - excellent food, of course. My dad and Kari's parents came too, so it was all a nice night.
more pics.
one thing i learned this weekend was dont pee in sinks that are outside because they probably arent connected to any plumbing.

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The Dojas did it.

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They have better burgers than Hamburg.

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i've only had breakfast at hamburg, which is awesome.

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