Santa and Church

I promise I'm gonna blog about my Christmas, but first, check this awesomeness out.

I get occasional e-mails from my aunt and uncle's church, which was also Kari and I's church for a while.

A week ago, the new(ish) pastor sent out a nice Christmas e-mail that contained the following:

"... Third, our Christmas Eve Service is Monday Night! Don't forget to come early and get your picture with Santa Claus, who will be making a special stop in West Des Moines before his appointed rounds. He'll have just enough time to take a few pictures before he goes to work. The brief service will include some of your favo rite music, a holiday message, and inspirational readings. Sandy and I, along with the Growing in Grace ladies have prepared some refreshments for everyone as well. The service begins at 5:30, but refreshments and pictures will be taking place before and after. Merry Christmas! ..."

Then, just a couple hours ago, one of the church members did a reply-all with this:

"'Santa' and 'church' do not belong together. For everyone who thinks it is harmless, I would say that is no more harmless than allowing kids to dress as witches and vampires to celebrate Halloween. It is a worldly creation that has taken over the true meaning of Christmas."

Hahaha. wtf.

    written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

    Everyone loves a fruitcake for the holidays!

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    who was it who sent that reply?

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