Small World, Giant Baby

What a random/weird weekend.

Kari and I made some last minute plans to celebrate Teresa's birthday in CR Friday night, visit my sister in the QC Saturday, then bust back to DSM to have at least 1 weekend day at home. 2/3 of our plan worked.

So Friday, we drove out to CR and had dinner at the Red Lobster, ha. I hadn't been there in years, but it was actually quite good.

Saturday, we woke up and drove to my mom's house. Bre'anna was in town with the baby, so mom hosted an open house for friends/fam to come hang out. We had a nice time. Bre'anna's baby is huge. Plus I got to see some family/friends that I hadn't seen in years. 1 of which being Michelle Springer, my mom's friend from HS. I think the last time I saw her was my wedding, and before that my graduation party. But anyway, she used to babysit me, so we talked about her sons, caught up, etc. Apparently one of her sons, Christopher (who I've seen once in like the past 8 years), lives in Cedar Rapids. This becomes useful information later.

So anyway, we hung out, visited with fam, then busted back to CR to pick up our dog and head home for sushi and clubbing. Except, along the way Kari said, "Lindsey's at Chameleon's." Those words ruined the rest of our weekend.

So, we made a surprise visit to Chameleon's, a small bar in our college town, for a quick drink before heading back. We got all riled up; 1 drink turned into 4 and there was no way we were going to drive back to Des Moines. We ended up getting sushi at Kaji and then hanging out at Moose McDuffy's (where Justin works), and staying the night.

So yeah, we got a ride to Moose McDuffy's with Justin's mom. Ricky met us there, it was good. But this is where everything got weird. First of all, this kid comes up to me (at the Jukebox of course). "Is your name Derek?" "yeah" "Brooks?" "yeah" "hey, it's Christopher Springer" w in t random f. It ruled. So we hung out, caught up, took a shot, etc. Then Zay randomly walks in. So then we hung out, caught up, etc. And then Lindsey and Justin's friend, Ace, walks in - who I didn't really know. But after hanging out a bit, I found out that his dad owns the building that I work in and he painted our walls.

Man it was a weird night. But after closing the bar out with Justin our Sunday at home was ruined. We got home at 5.
Some pics here.

    written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

    You also forgot to mention that Chris's best friend and former roommate coaches football with me at Coe College.

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    yeah, plus there is that, haha. wtf.

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