Sorry to have to write this

This is one of the best, most condescending emails that's ever been written about me. Back in my corporate days (circa 2007), a director sent this to all of information management.

Subject: Sorry to have to write this...
Importance: High


I'm confident that it's no one in our group - given your maturity and professionalism, but you can help me by spreading the word that the reoccurring stupid and immature prank of taking, or tearing, a "bite" from Friday donuts (and other food) and putting the remainder back into the box is a thing of the past, starting now.

If you see anyone doing this in the future, please politely ask them to take the whole thing and not replace the remnant.  Please also politely inform them that if I ever see someone biting, or tearing food to resemble a bite, and replacing the remainder, it will be a very bad day for that person.

Again, sorry for the note and thanks for your help.
I bet you think about this daily haha...dumb...what a stupid note.

Rico posted

The rest of the story ... we weren't even part of this guy's group. Our boss, who was his counterpart, came along later that day, saw the donut with a "bite" out of it, grabbed it and said "I love it when people take a bite out of a donut 'cause then there's always one left for me", then proceeded to eat the Broox-slimmed donut! Who would you rather work for?

Moo posted

That's pretty funny, moo. I completely forgot about that, haha.

derek posted

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