Alright, a few of you have seen the movie "Supergrub". if not, it's a movie I made when I was 15 for a class in high school. It was a great movie, but edited terribly... Mainly because all the editing was done analog by pushing play-pause-record on 2 VCRs. Well, I found the raw-unedited footage the last time I was home and decided it would be fun to re-edit it digitally. I'm about halfway done right now and it's going great, really funny, some new effects, TONS better editing, etc. I probably won't release it online because it will be 15-20 minutes long and will be a few hundered megabytes at low quality... but if there is interest, I might send the video out to people on a cd in .mpg format. Let me know if you're interested.

    written by 19 year old Derek Brooks

    You're a super guy...can't wait to see the "Supergrub"...everything you do is Gold Baby!!!!!

    Lynn Gonzales posted

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