Tattoos Schmatoos

Piercings are easy cause they are so not permanent... Although I have yet to take out any piercing I've gotten, hmm. That said, I want tattoos. I want them bad. I've seen a ton of cool tattoos lately. The dude that works on my car has black light tattoos on his arms, they rule. I've seen so many others too. Brass knuckles, skulls, mitch's arms, harper's ribbon, this one that I love, etc. I want one on my side like that last one soooo bad.

So anyway, I want to start but I dont know where, it's so stressful. I always hear - "get something you really want," "get something that means something," etc... I've been thinking for about 5 years and I've got 5 tattoos I want and mean something. I just dont know where to put them. They need to be awesome. They need to be all black.

Here are my ideas...
Big black cross - no fancy patterns, just solid black lines. I've wanted this one the longest. I was thinking about this one on my side like that tattoo above... But that is a lot of ink for a solid black cross that size.

American flag - black and white stripes, black box instead of blue box, no stars... No reason for no stars really, exept that they would probably look really bad in tatoo format. This one is derived from an art project I did in college.

Be - I hate asian symbol tattoos - they are so cliche... However I dont know if the word "be." is very hardcore... Maybe it is, I dunno. So yeah maybe an asian symbol that means "to be" (if there is one?) this one is more symbolic than the others cause of a quote I once heard that said something along the lines of "I'm trying to get out and see, I'm trying to get out and be, who's trying to do it like me." too many times people waste life, there is not enough "getting out and 'being'." I find myself surrounded by this and I want the tattoo as a reminder to step up and be something/be somebody.

Live - same idea as the "be" tattoo. An asian symbol that means to live. Probably in a symmetrical location to the "be" tattoo.

Heart outline - this one is sort of girly and sort of hardcore... I can't figure out which. Mostly both. But I want a black heart outline on my ring finger knuckle.

I just don't know where to put them. The bicep is so cliche. The neck is so awesome - but frowned upon by employers. I suck at this decision - terribly.

written by 24 year old Derek Brooks

Your johnson is always a great place for a tattoo.

Mr. Awesome posted

my johnson is always a bad place for a tattoo.

derek posted

i also like a thick black plus sign - almost like a lifeguard sign.

derek posted

Underarm, wrist, and side are places I've thought of.

Alex posted

I told Josh I'm getting a bar code on the back of my neck or the Hitman symbol. Haven't found anyone that I trust to do it yet. I'd go with the first thought, the Black.

nathan posted

It should be a fully functioning barcode. If I scan you, you should ring up a $1.98.

Rico posted

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