Twit, Twit, Twitter.

Remember back in college when you could find out what everyone was up to just by checking their AIM away message?

Like, "Ah, Kari's at Hilltop? Bet. I'm headin up town."

It was nice, real real nice. But now, if I wanna know where my peeps are, there are like 18 places to check. I got AIM, Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook, Web Sites, etc. So I have to result in sending 1000 text messages or phone calls. And at that, some of my friends would rather not even be found for hanging out, so then they may get annoyed by me asking, "what's up tonight?"

This all ruins one of the major strengths of the internet. There needs to be a way to tie all of this together. There needs to be a way to set a status for yourself for all of your friends to see. I want to be able to tell 1 spot that I am running around West Des Moines. Then my friends could check any of 18 spots and know where to find me and vice versa.

And while there's currently not a way to do this, it's getting much, much closer. All made possible through a tool call twitter, which was just released like this weekend. The interface isn't complete, in fact we've already found a couple bugs in it, but they're working it out. They've already upgraded their servers due to getting hit harder than anticipated.

So here is how it works.
1. You Join
2. You register your phone/jabber/google talk with twitter
3. You tell people what's up
4. You find out what's up with your friends

Seriously, I just sent twitter a text message that says, "playing ping pong, come down" and Twitter will post that information to their site. And through their tools, people can find out about it in tons of ways. If you're a twitter friend of mine, you can say, "send me derek's updates" Then, twitter could either send you a message on google talk or send you a text message saying, "derek's playing ping pong." All the while, I've made use of twitter's api and badge tool to display the info on both (underneath the search bar), and on my myspace.

So, message twitter, "get broox" Twitter will then tell you what I am doing. Or you could message it, "get" and it will tell you what all your Twitter friends are doing.

The next step, as I see it, is to intigrate this into away messages. I want my google talk status to automatically get set from Twitter and maybe even my AIM away message. I also want my facebook status to change.

I'm pretty excited about this idea, heh.
hahaha, twat.

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