Wish Lists!

Oh man, I love lists. I really do.

The "notes" section on my sidekick is always full of lists that I can add to while I'm out and about. One of those lists is always a "to buy" list... AKA, a "wish list"

It's really handy when I'm out with some money to spend and I think to myself, "which DVDs do I still need?" or "what was that random tool that I needed last week?" So, I quick whip out my... phone and BAM, I got it. Man I love notes.

But even though I love notes on my phone, they don't always stay up to date. Things like my Amazon wish list stay more up to date, because it's much easier to just click "add to wish list" or whatever. Man, I love wishlists. It makes giving and receiving so much easier. I don't have to buy you a Target gift card if you have a good wish list.

But the main problem with Amazon is that they don't have everything. They come damn close - but they don't quite have everything, which sucks. So I was sitting here this morning and had this conversation with Nick... while he was away.

what do you think of a wishlist site
i love amazon wishlists, but they are so shitty to view
and if amazon doesn't carry something that i wish i had... how do i wish for it
i'm trying to think of a good way for this to work
and integrate with other sites
for example, i wish for a macbook air
and a bmw 135i
and oceans 13

and then, after I got all excited for my new idea, I found a site called Kaboodle. I'm not sure if it's the best wishlist site out there, but it certainly seems pretty decent. It's actually a social shopping site, which is kinda neat. But the wishlist feature does pretty much exactly what I want. You can wish for things that exist anywhere. They even give you firefox plugins so that you can be on a specific site (i.e. bmw's 135i page), click the "I want that button" on your browser, and BAM, there's a bmw 135i in my wishlist. It's so easy. And what's even better is that they have an "Import" link so that if you already have an Amazon wishlist, you can import everything from it! weeee! That kind of portability RULES.

I've barely even looked at the site, so I'm blogging this out of sheer excitement... but obviously, at first glance, Kaboodle seems to be awesome. However it may have a few unnecessary features like - blogs.

The only additional thing I would like to see here is a nice mobile phone interface. This would let me more easily see things while I'm out and about... however, I guess I could always bookmark the "print view" of lists for browsing on the go.

Does anyone know of any better wish list sites? If so, tell me. And if not, I hope you all check it out, join, and add me as a friend.


written by 26 year old Derek Brooks

My solution that I've been using, in addition to Amazon, is del.icio.us with a wishlist tag. It's not as glamorous by any means as Kaboodle, but gets the job done without having to create another account on another website. del.icio.us/kminnis/wishlist
oh man, I am just as excited as you are. I love wish lists. We use Amazon to catalog things we want to get and our parents use it easily for gift ideas. Of course we have the same problem Amazon doesn't have everything we want.

Kaboodle sounds great! I'll be joining soon.

Nicole posted

you are one of the most retarded people that comments on my site.

derek posted

The truth? The truth is that if you live life without the things that you want, you aren't living at all. Why the hell work to earn money if you aren't going to reward yourself with a DVD, or BMW, here or there. Stupid.

Tia posted

Tia, it makes much less sense to go into unnecessary debt by spending money of DVDs, cars, multiple ipods, or the latest toy.

Overspending is the only brought our country into the sub-prime debt problems and the upcoming recession.

The Truth posted

the truth, wtf?

what part of this blog entry was about overspending and going into debt?

i use a wish list because i don't buy all these things impulsively on credit cards. i buy them when i can afford them or when they are gifts.

derek posted

I love wish lists too, and for the same reasons, wanted a Wish List where I could add gifts from ANY website.

I was a little wary of adding additional software or widgets to my computer and therefore was looking for something that was web only.

The YouCouldGetMe.com site satisfied my needs. I allows friends and family to see what items have been purchased already, and it prevents me from seeing that.

It also has several levels of security, so I can specify who sees what on my list.
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