Bock Fest 2007 posted

Last year I didn't really blog about bockfest because I came down with a bad cold directly afterwards. This year I'm not making that mistake. Instead, I got my cold the day before. With a little Zicam, Sleep, and Water, I prevailed and I am now blogging.

Friday around noon Nathan, Jeff, and Rico met up with Kari and I and we busted out to Redwood falls. The drive was decent... aside from riding 5 people in a Malibu, with a little bad weather along 90.

We showed up, hung out at Josh's for a minute, grabbed some food at Chumly's, then went to the VFW for some drinks, games, and mass nakedness. It was a good time. We then told old college stories and laughed about memories past.

Saturday we drove out to New Ulm (late, again) to check into the classy New Ulm Motel and then walk over to Bock Fest. It was pretty much the same routine as last year. Get coupons, buy the limit in beer (4 per person) and then go hang out, drink, eat, and repeat. We were better dressed this year complete with some accessories (i.e. a crow and viking helmet). One thing that was new to me was the carmelizing of the doppelbock. They had these metal rods that sat in bonfires. You could have them stuck into your bock to carmelize/sweeten your beer. I really enjoyed it.

Afterwards, we ran around downtown New Ulm, where Nathan managed to find us free rides everywhere, including a schoolbus ride and random old man van ride. It was ridiculous. And long. And Awesome.

Some notes for next year...
-Bring or buy a plastic pitcher before buying 4 beers.
-Bring a good beer/pitcher holder (with a strap)
-Bring more working walkie talkies
-Try not to have anything that needs carried
-Bring more memory sticks
-Don't wear huge mittons. Actually, those fingerless gloves with the foldover mittons would probably be ideal...
-Bring those awesome glove warmers
-Show up on time. Gates opened at 10:45

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  • I believe Josh flagged down Old Man River Van. I was going to hijack the van. I have three plastic pitchers, just needed to bring them with. I'm thinking that we should just have power paks next year. Which means no damn crows and only bring things we can wear on our heads or have Jeffy break on the sidewalk.

    Nathan posted

  • Actually, I believe Jeffy needs to be rolled in some type of plastic to protect him from 'spillage'. He was wet and smelled of stall beer from about 2:30 on...he is so hot.

    Rico posted

  • I need to find the worlds largest sippy cup!

    Jeffy posted