Bock Fest 2008 posted

It's Tuesday after Bockfest and I think I'm finally awake enough to blog.

So.. Bockfest was good again; not sober, and everything a beer celebration should probably be... and more. Maybe even a little too much more.

Friday, we (Me, Nathan, Jeff, Rico, Chuck, and Nick) took Kari's grandpa's old minivan up to Josh's new place in Morgan, MN. As usual we were way too excited to see each other and went completely nuts - all night long.

First, we walked to Front Street Bar & Grill for dinner and a game of 7-14-21, which is, of course, a drinking game played with dice. I told Josh before we came up, "no shots on Friday night" ...yeah right. That worked out real well.

After Front Street we walked over to the City & Country Tavern, where we got straight rowdy. And finally we went back to Josh's, walked around in our underwear, woke up Jolene, set off the smoke alarms, and somehow managed to not wake up Keagan. Ha.

Saturday, we woke up and headed to New Ulm at a fairly decent time. We were actually in line for the gates at 12:30. But then you've got the line for tickets and then the line for beer. So we had our first drinks of Schell's bock around 1:30.

Bockfest was quite the same as I remember. Funny hats, clever beer containers/holders, lots of fur, ring of fire, 23 degrees, buying 4 beers at a time, playing in the snow, hilarious conversations, and trying to get away with peeing in the woods.

I saw more really good beer holder ideas. One dude had a plant waterer for his beer. It looked much more comfortable to carry.

But anyway, after Bockfest, we rode in the back of a pickup truck to downtown New Ulm, ate at the lamplighter, and ran around all night. Pretty much the usual: B&L's, Weigel's, Trips, Mowan's, walking through various apartment buildings, sneaking into George's, etc.

Actually, that George's thing was quite an adventure. George's is sort of like a Val Air Ballroom. We've said that we were gonna check it out for the past couple years - but we never did. So this year we decided to check it out again. $10 cover for a band we'd never heard of. Ehh, screw it. So we decided to just break in instead. We walked around the back to the back door, where we decided to just sneak in. There was a set of stairs leading up to a bar that served the back half of the ballroom. Josh, Jeff and I charged right through it - between the bartenders and the bar. One of the bartenders held his arms out like, "wtf are you doing" and Wingert just lifted it up and walked right past, hahaha. We are the best. The rest of the guys couldn't get in. :( Security was over there by the time they got up the stairs.

But anyway.... I really have no pictures after the actual fest because my camera ran out of space. We tried pickled turkey gizzards, spent a lot of money, danced, acted retarded, ya know.

We actually got a ride back to our hotel from an old dude in a van who gave us a ride last year. He remembered us too. See, last time, wingert tried to steal his VCR. And when we got out of the van the dude asked, "Now I don't have to worry about my VCR again this time, do I?" wtf???

I guess the only other funny thing is that I left my phone on a dance floor... which got delivered to our hotel room by the bartender at 3am. haha. What a freakin night.

Actually... what a freakin weekend. I feel like I had a couple too many drinks. If any of you fellow bockfesters have anything to contribute, please do so.
Pics here.

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