Boom Boom Huck Birthday posted

Ok, so as everyone has probably heard 100 times, my birthday is being stolen by my sister's wedding, which is sweet. However, Kari is doing a pretty freakin awesome job of making up for it. Last night she took me to Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam. First of all Wells Fargo Arena just opened Tuesday, so this was the first event to come there... plus Kari got us 3rd row seats, basically right in the half pipe. Moto-X guys were jumping over our heads, etc. It ruled so much.

The only downside to our seats was that we couldnt quite see the 30 foot drop in and 20 foot quarter pipe that were on the outsides of the halfpipe. Plus we were so close that the safety net was messing with my camera focus... Whatever though, they had 4 screens getting great shots on everything and I was most interested in the halfpipe anyway.

So obviously it was cool to see Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, and Rune Glifberg... but some of these guys that I didn't really know much about were crazy good. Andy MacDonald has a huge huge trictionary and was busting so many flip tricks. And Lincoln Ueda can jump so freakin high it's crazy. Speaking of which, Moto-X is insane. I can't imagine being 30+ feet in the air on a motorized bike doing backflips.

At the end of the show they raised up this 30 foot drop in behind the left side of the halfpipe. Skaters would ride down that, launch off a little ramp, fly completely over the 13 foot wall on the other side of the halfpipe, and then into another roll-in that launched them up this 20 foot quarter pipe with a Jeep on top. The Jeep had coping on it, which is about 26 feet tall - Tony Hawk was doing inverts on it. And even getting way above it.

So yeah. It ruled. So much more happened, I am still in awe... but since most of you arent skaters it will be boring to tell. Here are more pics.


  • Boom Boom Huck Jam is what I would like to do to Kevi...

    Rico posted

  • woah! Isn't your sister younger than you? People sure get married early in Iowa! Yikes!

    Greg posted

  • when is your birthday?

    i love your sister

    Harper Reed posted

  • August 5th

    derek posted

  • August 5th is in the week of Pre-Season Drunk Fest.

    r00 posted

  • Don't worry, you'll have a good time in Texas for your birthday. Plus, look at the bright side - you're staying at one of the nicest hotels on the Riverwalk in San Antonio for your birthday! =)

    Bre'anna posted

  • Ahh Derek I see you went to Boom Boom Huck Jam there too... I had a pretty decent view, I was on the baclcony front row seats, right next to the plush seats you pay $20 more for. Oh, yeah, you probably don't remember me, but my mom was your teacher. Oh well.

    Alex Douglass posted

  • whoa, haha. yeah i remember you. we skated once, even though neither of us were very good. too bad i didnt see you guys there.

    derek posted