Breaking down on the interstate rules posted

So I'm driving home from work all speed demon, road rage style and I'm in the fast lane of "Interstate 80" doing 85 or so. I come up on this semi doing about 65, with a motor home next to it doing about 70.... the far right lane was open, so I punched the gas to the floor to dart accross 3 lanes in between a motor home and the truck behind it... As soon as I hit the gas my car jumped once (cause the turbo kicked in hard)... and then it jumped right back down, vibrated, and just wanted to coast for the rest of the day. Luckily, I still had enough speed to squeeze through the hole and over to the right lane. I then coasted off the shoulder, parked and started calling for rides.

After I got a hold of my uncle to come pick me up, I got out of the car and opened the hood to see what was wrong. It was an easy fix, the second little jump was the intake hose busting out of it's clamp.

My uncle took me to the store, I bought a clamp and a screw driver, and fixed it on the side of the interstate. And now I'm finally home and hungry.
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  • C"what a dork"

    M"im so glad i wasn't around for him to call to pick up his sorry ass"

    C"only a dork would put up a pic with arrows pointing to his hose"


    Mira n Chelsea posted

  • you should of just put a rag in the gas tank and lit it on fire, then just collect insurance. it would be easier then fixing it

    pimp juice bruc posted

  • damn, if I had only looked to the left on my way home from work... i could've pointed and laughed.

    brian posted

  • dude that is very common on our DSM's that hose will always pop off

    Marc posted

  • In all my years of punishing my 1984 volvo station wagon to do the same kind of stunts as that, I never had a single problem :) VOLVO FO LIFE!

    alexei posted

  • yea volvos are very nice next to VW which i like but ill still take you ass ;)

    marc posted

  • sorry bout another comment but dude after looking at those you got a lil work to do i know your not all into performance in your car but at least get a 1g(90-94) BOV they arent made of this cheap plastic crap

    marc posted

  • I have a greddy type S BOV sitting in my garage right now. I'm waiting on a bigger UIC pipe, then I'll put it on.

    derek posted

  • there ya go even better then you can run about....25 psi boost lol wow any dsm that runs that much would be crazy

    marc posted