Cedric and the Des Moines Buccaneers are Ghetto posted

On Friday, my friend Cedric had the day off, so we emptied his cube. We also moved boxes and a printer in and labeled everything with "Charles Brown" moving tags.

On Saturday, Kari and I went to a Des Moines Buccaneers Hockey game. They are in the same league as the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders... (First of all, I'm not one of the super cool fans for teams full of 18-20 year olds, but they are definitely fun). I have gone to quite a few Rough Riders games over the past 4 years, and had a lot of fun. The facility is really nice, the fans are nuts and always funny, the team is pretty decent and there are cool things in between periods. Since I moved to Des Moines, the state's capitol, I figured that the games would be just as cool, or maybe even cooler... I was wrong.

The Des Moines Buccaneers are ranked second to last place in their league. They play in an old ghetto arena... err barn, I think it was a barn... it definitely resembled one. The lighting was terrible, the fans sucked bad. They all just sat quietly in the lame, dark barn on wooden bench seats. There was also a spinning light on the wall that changed between a bud light logo, a snowflake, and the word "Younkers." Here are some other things that sucked: They sold raffle tickets, there were guys with stop signs gaurding all stairways to the bleachers during play, the sound system was horrible, the cameras sucked, the video screens had the brightness set to like -50, etc.

However, there was a good fight, and a kid got hit with a puck in the crowd.


  • We should set the barn on fire.

    Kevin posted

  • Hey, in defense of the Bucs, they are pretty good every year...They usually end up winning the division and have won quite a few championships...The fans are lame (I'm not one), and the arena is crap (although they are building a new one downtown)...

    npl posted

  • yeah, they definitely need some more funding. it would make things 100x better.

    derek posted

  • hey i was a fan there...

    no actually i find the stop sign funny and it reminds me of a hockey team i played on time

    MARC posted