Chicago again - Steph's sister's wedding posted

This weekend, Kari and I went to a pretty out of control wedding - it was freaking incredible. They reserved a couple rooms for us all to stay in at the Palmer Hilton of Chicago.

The wedding was for Steph's sister (Maryanne) and her man, Chris. I knew it was going to be quite a good wedding since their parents (Dr Bob and Sheryl) are awesome. Plus we got word that Oprah's make-up artist was doing the bride's maids' make-up, wtf.

So anyway, the ceremony/reception was on the 9th floor of the University Club of Chicago. It was really nice. It overlooked millenium park and part of the lake. I'm not really all that into wedding ceremonies but this one was great - it was under a half hour and really nicely decorated.

After that we went down to the 6th floor while they changed the room from a ceremony to a reception setup. This is where the craziness really started to kick in. They had hors d'oeuvres while we waited, and not just regular wedding snacks... They had oysters, crab, and shrimp, mmmmm. Plus they had 2 bars which were loaded with top shelf drinks and martinis. Dr Bob told us that his only responsibility in the entire wedding was the martini bar - he did good, haha. Then, the best thing happened. We found a sushi bar in the other room, and not just california rolls, this was good sushi. While all this was going on the strings that played all night were serenading people. Then after a while it all had to end by this guy walking around playing the xylophone, haha.

As if that wasn't enough, once we got upstairs, it was even better. Everything was decorated very richly, there was a live band, a lot of silverware, and excellent service. We had a great 4 course meal: crab cake/corn chowder, salad, mignon/halibut/carrot/aspargus/twice baked garlic potatoes, and then a dessert bar and wedding cake. After the meal, toasts, and lots of dancing, Chris and Maryanne were surprised with a carriage ride around town. Dr Bob is a flat out good guy.

The next morning they invited us all over to their house for brunch with family/friends. Their cousins from Pittsburgh brought some Iron City beer. They just started bottling it in metal bottles - awesome.


  • Damn, that's a lot of good food.

    I missed breakfast :(

    vanwinkle posted

  • i know, you made me miss breakfast. :(


    derek posted

  • i had a boyfriend whose nads were THIS big!

    kevi posted

  • I see eel, salmon, tuna, and can't make out the rest.

    Greg posted

  • i think the other (white) one was snapper. then there is some wasabi and ginger.

    derek posted

  • cool. I thought it could have been squid, but wasn't sure. Nigiri is so much tastier (and healthier for you).

    Greg posted

  • btw, is that redbull and vodka, or are you drinking apple juice?

    Greg posted

  • not apple juice or redbull/vodka. Glenlivet/rocks.


    derek posted

  • Where is the picture of me with the stir stick in my hair? :)

    Elizabeth posted

  • Great job - thanks for sharing - I didn't get to take any pictures I was in such ahh!!! Let me know if you have more. Aunt Mary Ann

    mays family - Pittsburgh posted

  • Holy crap, they got Lionell Richie to sing at the reception? :P

    Mart posted