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Nordstrom department stores started selling heely's which is a big deal because that's a huge account for us to get. So HSL asked if I would be willing to go to Chicago to do a couple Demos at the stores up there. I was orginally supposed to meet Zach and Aaron there to do demos, but they couldn't make it. So instead, Kari went with me, and I did the demos by myself.

Anyway, Chicago was really fun again. Friday night, Kari and I ate at Rock Bottom. It was fun to see the differences between the restaurants in Des Moines and Chicago. The menus were pretty much the same, the beers were pretty much the same but had different names, however everything was priced differently. For Kari and I to each have 1 mug it was $11, where here it would have cost $5.50, ha. It was also 2 stories, and had a bathroom attendant.

After Rock Bottom we met Harper at Crobar, where once again he got us in free. It rules so much that he is friends with the Marketing Manager. She hooked us up with VIP passes this time, so we got to go to the cool room, ha. Chris and the Virgin Tears were DJing in there, and we got to hang out with Felix da Housecat. Felix DJed the main floor later... he is sooo good. Also, there is a bartender there named "Red Hair Matt." He is funny because he looks almost exactly like Kevi, but he's got shoulder length cherry red hair and wears eye-liner... I also got to booty dance on lots and lots of people.

Saturday night we ate at Giorodano's. I ate there about 6 years ago with Dan Boeck, my old youth pastor from H.S. It turned out to be 2 blocks from our Hotel, so we decided to give it a try. That place was sooo good. Too bad we had to wait for like 80 minutes.

The heely demos were also fun. However, rolling around on your heels for 4 hours a day makes you really sore. I need to stretch next time. I also finally got to meet Liz (quantazelle), which was cool. Also, I only fell once, and only got security called on me once, haha. Stupid Oakbrook Nordstrom's.

and It all ended up with Kari getting pulled over 3 miles from home. haha. that sucked.

Update: Apparently this happened while we were at Crobar
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  • I want cherry red hair *frowny*

    Kevi posted

  • Why's are you letting Harper make a "west side" sign when you're in Chicago and nowhere near the coast with the most?

    He should turn that hand upside down, and give a hearty "M" for the "mid-west"

    California Greg posted