Chicago - Family Style posted

Ahhh, another weekend well spent in my home away from home. I love how comfortable I'm getting with Chicago. It's quite nice.

This time we visited the city for 2 milestone events - Vic's college graduation and Kari's 25th birthday. Thursday was Vic's ceremony, which ruled. They had 30 graduates so it was only like 40 minutes, haha. Plus Vic gave me a rose. We celebrated with much Giordano's.

Friday, Kari's B-day - ridiculous. We started the day out right with some mad omelettes at ihop. Then we met up with Kari's dad to shop around Michigan Avenue, etc. Kari got lots of clothes, we all got new Levi's, I got this insane mashup by Girl Talk, etc. We then hung out at a Viand for a second before meeting everyone at Sushi Wabi. It was a really nice time - lots of sake and delicious sushi. Later Tag showed up, which led us to Sonotheque. Kari's dad got to see some clubbing, ha. I think he had a good time. Then we went to some little bar called continental before calling it a night shortly after 3am. Somehow we drank like 15 drinks too many. It seemed like we went from sober to not sober in a hurry.

Saturday we walked around Michigan some more, hung out at millenium park, etc. Then we all met up at the Science and Industry Museum. The plan was for it to be really awesome, but when we got there we found out that we only had an hour... so we only got to see like 2 exhibits. That u505 submarine is ridiculous. So big. And the Space Center stuff was much more cheesy than I remembered.

Afterwards we all went to both of Kari's cousins' places to hang out, eat carnitas, etc. Elizabeth's BF John does some really nice woodworking in a totally different way than I'm used to - MDF and veneers. I might try experimenting with it a bit.

Sunday we packed up Vic's APT up then stopped by my parents' house for a mini-b-day celebration. ...which was awkward to say the least.

So now we're back in DM and I'm playing with some wireless audio stuff. I need to find a good way to sync my computer (on the 3rd floor) to my stereo (on the 1st floor). There's not much local selection.. I'm probably gonna have to find something online.


  • Hey, I heard you ate some delicious carnitas.

    cedric posted

  • it was the most delicate python birth ever.

    derek posted

  • thats beautiful

    nick posted

  • Python's are truly beautiful...

    rico posted