Chicago Heely Demos posted

Sorry Cedric, but I think Chicago was much better than your party, haha. No, the visit was nice as always. I'm becoming quite comfortable with my visits to Harper and the city. It's almost routine - I love it.

So yeah, Friday I drove to Chicago, got there around 10, we hung out a bit then went to dinner @ Ziggy's. After that we went to Crobar, met up with Tag @ Hard Rock hotel, closed out Redno5, then bed at 4:30. It was a pretty laid back night actually.

Later that morning I woke up for a Heely Demo at Oakbrook mall. It was definitely a good one. The guys were cool, the Nordstrom staff was cool, and we sold 5 pairs of Heelys or so. Afterwards Harper and I played computer while watching Mischeif 3000. I totally want to do a gumball race sometime. Later we went to Sushi Wabi then to this wine bar called Vintage... but none of us drank wine, haha. Afterwards we went to YBar, Soundbar, Crobar, Exit, had breakfast at Hollywood Grill, then bed at 5:30 or so. It was nice to see everyone again, especially all of Chicago's women, haha. Also, Nael is pretty funny.

Sunday I woke up early again for another Heely demo at Old Orchard Nordstrom. The demo wasn't quite as fun so we bailed a bit early and I made the trip home.

Here are photos (a lot of them).
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