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hey guys... i'm kinda confused about something. this is my website right? i mean, my name is in the upper left hand corner and all... sure it's spelled wrong, but that is my last name, right? and we're sure this is my website? oh, that's a picture of me on the front page too... it's gotta be my site. ok, just makin sure.


  • yeah, and i'm pretty sure you can put whatever you want on here too.

    i mean, you have the right to write whatever.

    by the way, i just farted really loud!

    yous guys posted

  • ...hmm

    if this is some kind of humor

    damn..i hope you arent making somebody laugh right now..and i hope that somebody is not a girl..coz fuck..she must be one heck of a blonde..

    ...gee work on it derek

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  • the reason for this post is... i got in trouble at work for something on this website... which has nothing to do with my job. it's my personal site. so i wasn't too happy about that.

    derek posted

  • at LEAST they told you over what (and why) you were getting in trouble for.

    many employers would do it quietly, keeping you in the dark.

    too bad about that cornell found out about that anonymous emailer thing.. right?

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  • hey brooks! since friday on this week i can't go on damn!!! I don't know if its my connection that doesn't want to connect on your site but if you know the prob Tell me it


    Gab (redman)

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