CR, Busyness, LAIM, and Larry posted

Man, busy times... as usual.

Work has been insane lately, slightly annoying, but good... and insane. Outside of work has also been pretty nuts. I've got too many projects going on again. I'm building a book display for Kari, coding sites, planning for my next house project, etc.

Today, I wrote a pretty awesome plugin for laim aka aim lite (which is the best aim client ever). Anyway, my laim plugin just takes my twitter status and sets it as my away message at home. I hadn't been setting my aim away message in a really really long time. Now it'll be set, constantly accurate, and updateable from anywhere. I love this concept. Love it. Stalk me!

Besides that though, last weekend was nice. Kari and I went to Cedar Rapids for the fun of it. Friday night nothing really happened, just sampled some homebrew and hung out with her family... watched TV. Saturday Jeff and I trimmed out the first floor of their house - basically just put new baseboards up everywhere. Then, we all went to Kaji for Sushi and finally, we ended up at Piano Lounge. It was a really fun place. I haven't figured out why Des Moines doesn't have a good piano bar yet. They really are a good time.

Sunday we rushed home to get me to the broomball game. Psh, we won. 2 and 2, hosting the comeback tour. Here are pics from the weekend...

P.P.S. If you didn't already know, Kari is totally prego with a dude named Larry. Tomorrow, we get to have that little sombitch removed via neck hole. I hope I get to see it.


  • If Kari isn't preggo would that make her Ragu....?

    NoZ posted

  • Any chance you can share the laim plugin with the world? I've been looking for a way to use this kind of auto-status functionality on windows. There's already an Adium plugin on the Mac, but nothing on windows (larger developer base makes for more ingenuity my ass).

    Eric posted

  • Word. I really do want to release it for public use, it's just not quite there yet.

    Twitter ID and a couple other settings are currently hardcoded. I need to add a way for the user to set this stuff through laim and save it all in between sessions.

    I'll work on it and get back to you.... unless you're comfortable with hardcoding your ID and such into the alpha version.

    derek posted

  • Actually, that's fine. I'm pretty comfortable with that kind of stuff!

    Eric posted

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    veronica posted

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    and scaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy

    my name???? i dont hav 1 posted