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This weekend was quite odd. I spent the entire time working on things, but I really got nothing done for myself, haha.

Friday, I drove to dad's house, we moved my old Nova engine from our old house to a scrap pile. :( I didn't know what else to do with it. But it was actually kind of fun. We couldn't get a hold of an engine hoist so we used old school tools. Like levers, ramps, wheels, and a 5 pulley system, haha. It was awesome.

Later we met up with Rich and Amanda at this new place in PB called "It's on the River" ... Clever name.

Saturday I woke up and took some "after" pics of dad's house, which turned out quite well. So check out the pics of his house renovation.

Afterwards, I met up with Ben, and then went over to Mom's house. Mom's new place is really good for her. She doesn't have to do any kind of yard work or anything; it's new, close to work, and there's a polo field in her back yard. It's pretty cool. So I spent Saturday and Sunday morning doing chores around her house... Picking out and setting up her home theater system, hanging (lots of) various things on the walls, etc.

Later Sunday I drove to Chicago to stay the night at Harper's for my Monday morning *cough*meetingatthreadless. Excuse me, sorry. It was nice to hang out with Harper and Hiromi and see their new place.

Monday, I then drove to my grandma's house and picked up some of my old things as well as a weight bench for Victor. Then I made a pit stop in Coralville to meet up with Jeff and trade a weight bench for lots of tubes. ??? I dunno. Kari needs lots of tubes or something.

When I finally got home (on Kari and I's 2 year anniversary), I hung out with Kari and the dog before going out to dinner at Court Ave.

Speaking of the dog, Ninja is in a very bad place right now. It's really, really... really tough. He now has hip dysplasia, a torn ACL, and the worst allergies ever. Our options are getting super limited. We're now talking about ~$5kish in surgeries and several months of healing, with no gaurantees that he'll be back to 100%. On top of that, every medicine we give him for 1 thing contradicts the other problems he has. It's a really sad time. Our teary-eyed vet told us our options and we know what we should probably do... but yeah. We have some hard decisions to make.


  • ♥ ninja

    kevi posted

  • poor dog. How old is he?

    Jordan Muck posted

  • he'll be 3 in a week.

    derek posted

  • awww ninj...

    Bre'anna posted

  • Sad. Let me know if you guys need anything. Have you had a second opinion?

    Fry posted

  • that bit about Ninja was based on first impressions from Kari's visit to the vet.

    I called him yesterday and he recommended a consultation at the Iowa State small animal hospital. I just got that setup for next Tuesday. So we'll find out what we can and can't do. Technically, with enough money, we could fix this all. Money is tight, but we should be able to at least get his ACL fixed and get him back to how he was a few weeks ago. Then we can try to manage his hip with weight control and careful excercise.

    derek posted

  • Oh good! I've been thinking about him a lot. I'm glad he's going to get better. Overweight must run in the family. Cowboy just got back from the vet yesterday and he was put on a diet. Weenie dogs get bad back problems, so we have to be careful since he's half weenie.

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