Denver - Jason's Wedding posted

So after driving 40 MPH for 45 minutes on the interstate and then through 1 foot deep water, I'm back from Colorado.

It was a really good time which leads to quite a bit to talk about, but I'll try to sum it up...

On Friday I met up with Jason and a bunch of other guys for his bachelor party. We started out with a BBQ (where I ate the best marinated/grilled tenderloin that I think I will ever eat in my life). Then we piled into the 20 person Excursion and did a bar crawl around Denver. Tons of fun.

Saturday afternoon, Kari got a new celtic cross tattoo, then we ate at PF Chang's with Victor. I'm so happy one is opening here. I heart lettuce wraps. Then Kari and I went out at the 16th Street Ped Mall and hit up club Beyond. It was a cool place, but wayyy to small for its crowd... mostly new rap being played. I didn't see Harper's cousin in a bikini though. :(

On Sunday, the 3 of us went to see I,Robot... which was actually much better than I had expected (I want a 2035 audi). Then we drove up to Fort Collins to hang out with Autumn and Eric Farrington. I had my first buffalo meat burger at Coopersmith's Brewery, good stuff. After that we hit up Rio Grande, which is a restaurant/bar that has these margaritas that taste like candy but apparently they're incredibly strong because they limit everyone to 3, haha.

Monday was the big day and reason that I drove to Colorado. Jason and Jodi's wedding was nice... it sprinkled on us a little, but turned out really good. Shooting video was a lot of fun. I got to see Alpo, Burke, and even Tony Thompson (who happens to be the brother of the girl that just started at Pioneer and sits right next to me, wtf! haha.) So yeah, I have known Renee's brother for about 5 years, she just started, and I had no idea. I'm going to surprise her with a big print out of him and I tomorrow, hehe.

And how many wedding's have a Groom's cake like this? Probably just Reiter's... or maybe Lueck's.

So yeah, other than that, everything else was fun. I managed to hit up 3 more Rock Bottoms and obtain 3 more glasses for my collection, w00t.