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This weekend I went to Detroit with Kevin, Ben Stockwell, Richie, and his friend Adam. ...Man, that city is ghetto, but also fun.

Thursday around 4 I drove to Mt Vernon to meet Kevin, then we drove to Richie's house to pick them up, then up to Detroit. After a lot of driving, we arrived at our hotel on 14 mile around 5 AM. We slept for 5 hours and then woke up to go sight seeing. While we were out we saw a lot of things referenced by ICP and other people under Psychopathic records. Here are some cool things we saw:
-The ghetto block that Violent J grew up on
-Old school ICP Graffiti
-Hot Hits (The record store that Alex Abbiss owns)
-Zug Island
-Burnt down houses
-Lots of other streets and places that get rapped about.

Later, we got back to the hotel so we could paint our faces (to get our free Halloween CD), and head back to the city for Hallowicked. The line was crazy, but also fun. Once we were inside we had to go all "Mission Impossible, stealth mode" because kevin, Adam, and I had balcony tickets, while the other 2 had floor tickets. Here's how it worked: Kevin, Adam, and I went to the balcony, while the other 2 went to the floor (they checked tickets as you walked through one of 4 doors to the floor). Richie, handed Ben his floor ticket, then Ben came up to the balcony, handed me Richie's floor ticket, and we both walked in. Then Richie went and got Kevin with the 2 tickets, and so on. It ruled.

Anyway, we saw Tech N9ne, Kottonmouth Kings, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Esham, and ICP. The set for ICP was so awesome. Violent J came out in this dope costume, which looked like a giant goblin or something. He had these monstrous hands and a huge head. Anyway, I have never been in such a crazy crowd. We pushed up the the front before ICP took the stage (like we always do), made it to around 2nd/3rd row, and waited. Normally we hold our ground pretty well, but once they took the stage, we made it through about 3 songs and then moved back.

Then we left for the afterparty, which we pre-ordered tickets for, it was awesome. But on the way were hungry, so we stopped at White Castle. Man, it sounded like a good idea, but man, those are not good burgers. Richie especially hated it. Anyway, back to the afterparty... ICP was there, and Zug Izland played for us, they are an awesome band live... good show.

In the morning, they all wanted to go to IHOP before we headed home... stupid ghetto IHOP. On the way back, Harper called and said he was in Davenport, so Kevin and I met him for dinner and watched a juggling show with him. Harper talked us into taking him to Cornell for the night and then bringing him back to Davenport, the next day, ha. So we took him back to Cornell and terrorized, like we always do.

Another fun weekend.

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