Don't EVER Answer the First Question posted

Tonight I got pulled over and I broke the FIRST FREAKIN RULE IN THE BOOK. The FIRST rule. I seriously about smacked my forehead right in front of the cop. I answered the first question he asked me. That question that you are never ever EVER supposed to answer.

I've read 2 books about getting pulled over, and I've been pulled over somewhere around 20 times now. Of those 20 times, I've gotten 2 - maybe 3 moving violations. Thus, I consider myself semi-pro at the act. This is the kind of knowledge you don't gain from Harry Potter books, you gain it from experience - and books that are actually useful.

So anyway. I'm driving through Polk City and see a police car on the side of the road - I'm speeding, but not by much... plus my radar detector didn't go off. So I assume he's either shooting laser or he's looking at people going the other way. Needless to say, I got pulled over. So the officer comes up, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Within no time at all, like instinct, I respond, "Cause I'm going a little over?" The words were halfway out of my mouth before I realized what I was saying - he instantly started smirking. "Well, I wasn't even radaring, but if you're willing to admit that you were speeding, then..." Nice try but sorry sir, I didn't admit anything. I realize I messed up, but I was still questioning. Plus, you also admitted you weren't radaring, so you don't really have a whole lot.

He procedes to tell me why he pulled me over - no front license plate and I've got a rear tail light out. I knew I'd probably get a ticket for at least the front plate - especially after screwing up the little "do you know why" test. So as he's looking at my info I notice that he has the same last name as a girl I work with who happens to live in the same town. There's always some way to a cops heart - always. Cops are real people, there are a few bad cops that give an overall bad stereotype... but most are actually good people. So I ask him, "Are you married to Renee?" "yeah" "Oh, cool, I work with her." yadda yadda, he goes back to his car for a bit, comes back, and I get off free. Weeeeeee.

Overall, I hadn't really done anything wrong, but I broke that first freakin rule. I drove away laughing to myself - half mad, half stoked.

He was a good guy, I was an idiot, but now I have another fun story, ha.
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  • w00t! nice save.

    zach posted

  • hahaha awesome!

    that IS a good save

    kevin posted

  • awww you just lucked out.

    Dave posted

  • exciting

    G posted

  • yeah, but i bet you don't know how to deal with Lord Voldemort

    nick posted

  • It's a good thing you didn't mention anything about looking at Renee's rack on a daily basis. I think that's the 3rd rule.

    ricky posted

  • The two books Derek has ever actually read.

    Josh posted