Fake Easter, Partying, and Such posted

I've gotten really, really, really bad at blogging lately. I hope it's not because I've been less awesome and have less to talk about. Hopefully it's just because I'm being so productive on other things... or something.

But I've also been taking way less pictures than normal and I don't really know how I feel about this. I've always been a big advocate for documenting life, but man I am sucking at it lately. ...I need to figure that out.

So yeah, we've been sticking around town a bit more this year, which has been sorta nice. I actually seem to be getting a little more done.

This weekend, my dad was in town, which was a good time. We got to hang out quite a bit, landscape, and party pretty hard.

Friday, Doug hosted a going away party for Cedric and I. (oh... p.s. Cedric is quitting Pioneer too. weee! congrats!). So we hung out, ate enchiladas, had some beer, smoked cigars, etc. Doug is a really good and generous entertainer - a rare breed, that man is.

Saturday we grilled out with the cousins, then on the way home made a game time decision to meet up with a ton of friends downtown. It was fun, but man... we really need to move closer to downtown. I hate living up here in the boondocks when a good party with good friends is a brewin.

The weekend before that was fake easter at Kari's family's house. We went out with Vic Friday night, met some Cornell peeps Saturday night, and laid subflooring in Jeff's basement in the mean time. Sunday, everyone (including my mom) met us out there for some good burnt food and hanging out. It was a good time.

And now I'm just sitting here trying to figure out wtf to do with my check from George Bush. I'd really like to buy a Wii with it - but somehow I don't think purchasing Japanese electronics will really help stimulate our economy. I do need a bigger iPod and a phone. Or maybe a Mac Mini. Or maybe just a tank of gas for my truck.

Stupid truck.

Maybe I should donate my check to a democratic campaign.

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