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Hmmm, the weekend.

Friday, Kari and I saw dodgeball. funny movie. Kevi also finished editing the third nutpunt video, which is sort of a continuation of the characters and ideas of our "I against I" video. Today he got it all converted to flash and uploaded to the site: www.nutpunt.com. Too bad the flash is a little choppier than the actual video (especially the first time you watch it). But, whatev, it's still funny.

Yesterday my parents came to visit for father's day. We hung out for a while, which was nice. Then we met up with Kari's family to eat at Spaghetti Works and then to the Iowa Cubs game. Spaghetti Works was'nt as good as I thought it'd be. Anyway, Kari and I bought our dad's matching icubs shirts to wear to the game, and that was funny. Plus the fireworks afterwards were good.

Today, Kari and I went to a couple open houses in Ankeny. I found this house that I really want.. but someone has already put an offer on it (pending the sale of their house). I think I should get a realtor. Tonight I worked on my new blitz low side skirts for a while. I thought they were going to be really easy to install. But the fit is really really tight.. I did a couple hours of work on one side but I still can't get it to fit right yet. Sometimes I hate working with fiberglass.


  • Spaghetti Works was as good as it should have been for me the last time I went to it either. :(

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  • err...wasn't

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