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2 days after I move in, my car breaks. I went out to my car this morning, turned the key, cliiiiiiiick. Didn't have enough juice to turn over.

So I met my first neighbor this morning. She brought her car around to jump me. After about 5 minutes or so, it started... but ran really really rough. Then I put it in drive and my Check Engine light came on. Seriously, my car sounds like a Harley V-Twin when it's accelerating... and it has zero power.

I think it's firing on 2 cylinders or something. So I drove it straight to the shop and now i'm waiting to hear the damages. I hope it's a cheap fix.
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  • hopefully he's like "dont drive in neutral"

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  • Is your neighbor hot?

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  • milf.

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  • P.S. the check engine code was that cylinder 3 was not firing. Then he drove it and it drove fine, the light didn't come back on, etc. However, he said that if he would get on it until right before the turbo kicked in and then hit the breaks that car would die out. He doesn't know what it is, I think it's the spark plugs/wires.

    I replaced the plugs a little over 4,000 miles ago, but the last time the wires were replaced was about 51,000 miles ago. So I'm having those replaced... that should fix it. I probably need a new battery too...

    On top of that, the mechanic broke the passenger door handle off of my door, $95... sweet.

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  • not your problem though right?

    they'll fix that wont they?

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  • Here is yesterday for me:

    -car doesnt start

    -once car does start it barely runs

    -the mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with it

    -the mechanic broke the door handle off my car

    -the next 2 beers i had at the cAb were both crappy

    -i lost my pioneer id at walmart and security deactivated it

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