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My car got put into the garage for the winter :-(. i took my system out and it's setting in my room, not getting used, poor thing. i guess it's better though because it can't get stolen, and i won't risk ruining my car in the snow.

One good thing... I got a new snowboard this weekend and I'm ready for the season! I just bought a 99 salomon 154, it came with some really nice salomon freestyle bindings... but I don't have freestyle boots so I stuck my switch bindings on it for now. I can't wait to bust it out this winter! so, I guess it sucks that I have to put my car away... but at the same time, I get to pull out my board. eh, lose one thing and gain another.

my board n boots


  • Nice board man! I want to get started in snowboarding, but no $$$.


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