Good Food and Drinks in DSM posted

This weekend was full of sweet, sweet food and drinks.

Friday, Kari and I celebrated our anniversary at Lucca, which was a great meal with decent service - I think they need at least 1 more server in there.

Around dessert time, Kari decided that none of Lucca's desserts sounded awesome, so we called Sage to see if we could come over. Here is some customer service that everyone should take note of....

We called Sage from Lucca at 9:50. Sage told us they close at 10 but since we only wanted dessert and drinks, they said to come in anyway.

We got there about right at 10:00 and they had a table set for us. But, since we wanted to stay out of their way, we just asked to eat at the bar... they weren't crabby about the set table and served us right away. Port for Kari, Scotch for me, and temptleton rye chocolate tort for us both - excellent. Our favorite server, Lisa, served us and was amazing as always. We sat there until nearly 11 and they didn't care in the slightest. Everytime we asked if we should leave, they insisted that we stay as long as we wanted. Sage is the best restaurant in Des Moines, hands down.

Saturday, Kari and I went shopping for Halloween costumes and party stuff, then we met Elizabeth and Shannon for dinner at Court Ave. Afterwards we went out to Cabaret West Glen for a couple drinks and some sweet costume watching. I mean. I saw sexy everything, an 8 foot tall Frankenstein, and Paul Bunyon. A legit, mammoth dude just wearing Paul Bunyon attire. It was fun.

Sunday, we did things around the house and I thoroughly washed my truck. I started treating all of the exterior black plastic with Mother's Back to Black, which is the best product ever. If you have black plastic on your vehicle and it's fading... you need Back to Black. Afterwards, we went to aunt Vicki's to celebrate Kari's birthday before October is over. Excellent meal, pool, and some old fashion furniture burning.
It was a good time.
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