Heritage Days posted

Mount Vernon had Heritage Days this weekend. Which is one of those small town festivals with music, about 2 rides, and lots of hanging out. Usually Cornellians go back for this as a little reunion in the summer... especially the Kappa Thetas. So I went along with Kari this year. Even though I was the only guy with 11 girls half the time... it was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Kevi a lot... plus Big D, Paul, Scott, and many others. Kari's friends are always fun.

I found that taking pictures of carnival rides rules. I'm gonna have to attend more carnivals to take pics now. Kevi likes carnivals too.

So yeah, besides that, I tried to also be roxtar by wearing other people's sunglasses all weekend. Plus I tried to hang with the Mount Vernon skate punks but I was far from successful.

Man, I feel like Harper with all this linking to pictures lately. I think it's a good idea though. I take so many pictures, and so few people see them. Finally, I got engaged to Allie this weekend. Look at that rock!


  • Derek loses. Long live Nick the reigning single guy!

    vanwinkle posted

  • oh no. i have a feeling my reign of terror will last far far longer than yalls ;)

    Harper posted

  • I can't believe you would get engaged to her after what she was doing in the alley that one night.

    Mmmm... cotton candy.

    Kevi posted