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So this weekend was super fast and danger. I don't really know what we did Friday night... I think we just cleaned and hung out, heh. Must not have done anything too awesome.

Saturday, Kari's parents came into town to help with some homebrew/celebrate Kari's mom's bday, etc. We bottled 86 bottles of beer - 80 of which were pint bottles - so we've got a TON of beer. Afterwards we went to a Stars game, which was one of the best games I've seen in a LONG time. There were tons of fights in the first period, the game was high scoring, it was head to head the entire game, there was an overtime, and finally a shootout. We lost by 1 point in the shootout :( Still, an awesome game. Afterwards we went to Centro for dinner, more drinks, etc.

And Sunday I helped Jeff with his SQL class, figured out more money stuff, and hung out. I've got some pretty good short trips planned for the end of the winter/beginning of spring. Plus the mustache party is coming up... I'm excited.

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  • haha nice use of the dishwasher

    Shane posted

  • the only way to bottle beer.

    derek posted