Hovering rain posted

Ok, yesterday I saw the coolest thing I've ever seen before (and kevin was a witness). I live in a building where the windows are sunken in about 3 feet, and when the wind blows it sort of creates a little wind tunnel in the little nook. Anyway, it was storming REALLY bad here the other day and kevin and I were watching out my window. As we're watching, tons of rain drops right in front of my window just stop in mid air. The drops just stayed in one position for a good 10 seconds. They did not go up, down, left, or right. They just stayed still... 40 feet above the ground...


  • Have you taken ne drugs recently with kevin

    nick posted

  • Haha, nope. It was really cool though! I wish I had my digital camera ready, but no such luck.

    kevin posted

  • are things really that boring over there in rorem that you have to make up stories?!

    kari posted

  • ok seriously now, i wouldnt be so bored if you would get over here and hang out with me! ...and it's pauley, not rorem.

    derek posted