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For the few people that are checking out my site already... do you have any ideas for things I could put up on my site? e.g. - links, pages, etc. I understand that this site wont be that popular because its mainly just a personal site that will have a hint of webdesign advertisement for myself... but I'm looking for a few things that might bring people back to the site. I am working on a random picture generator, so that there will be a huge amount of pictures on the main page that could load. This might be something that keeps people interested.... but maybe not. Anyway, give me feedback.
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  • A message board is always good, its what keeps me going back to Also, a thoughts section like on Dave's is nice. You should also have an art section where you put Photoshop creations.. which I'll be doing on mine.

    aaron posted

  • a page devoted to logos..made 4 u!!


    Alex G posted