I'm a cop posted

Ok, so I've come to the conclusion that the little LED lights on my hood are not legal. Pictured here.

Here's the story... Tonight I was driving out of Subway with my buddy Jeff with my LEDs on. There was a car in front of me who slowed way down, signaled, and pulled off the side of the road... My buddy Jeff starts crackin up and yells Dude! You just pulled someone over!, and then i shut my lights off and drove away...
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  • Lollllololololololo

    Absolutely hilarious.

    I love those lights, they look neon :)

    Aaron posted

  • I always knew you were a pig!!! Love You Dman!!!

    Lynn posted

  • That would have been cool I wish I was there.

    Jeff posted

  • Yea dude, you might want to check your state and local laws... most states have laws which state that any color light other than red, yellow, or white can not be on your vehicle.

    The Dude posted

  • I wish I could meet that guy that was with you he sounds pretty cool, is he the same guy in the picture with that cadillac??

    NoZ posted