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I've started ordering parts for my car lately. First of all I ordered a new body kit, which will totally change the look of it. Both of my bumpers and the sides of the car will be different. The kit I ordered is called the blitz kit. You can see it on a red eclipse here and here. My car will look just like that except I won't have the giant spoiler (because they're pointless) and my car will still be black.

I also ordered some new taillights, which you can see here. I still have to get new headlights for my body kit to fit right, and then I have to get a paint job... but after all that, it will show no visible sign of what kind of car it is on the outside. It should be all done by the end of the summer. I'll have pictures as I go.

Update! (July 8, 2002)
I just ordered some new headlights as well... check them out here.
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  • Those are some pretty cool mods...

    Tanner posted

  • I hate you. I just got a big huge van that I plan to cart my rails and friends around in and do outdoor demos. But I still have to pay like $5000 to get it upto Cert. Damn nation, I'll drive an unsave car if I want to!

    Greg Morris posted

  • i want a talon, or an eclipse, or a stealth

    aaron posted

  • thank god u dont want the spoiler...i hate those faggot kids that think they are fast and furious because they drive civics w/ stickers and a big wing. If murder was legal, you can bet your ass the population in my town would go from 12,000 to about 83 before you can get a honda civic or a ford focus to 60mph.

    Cody posted

  • Pontiac Grand Prix - 88! Come on derek I'll race you any day! HAHA, Jdog in the 88 coming to regulate! On your punk Ass!

    Jordan posted

  • i got the kit today... BOMB!

    derek posted

  • i got my tail lights!!!

    derek posted

  • i got the headlights today... BOMB!!!!

    derek posted

  • Let's think about the giant wings on front wheel drive cars for a minute.....

    Lessee....a wing produces what? That's right...DOWNFORCE. The wings are great if you have a REAR wheel drive car because it produces downforce on the BACK to push the rear wheels into the ground for better traction.

    Now, with that in mind, what happens on a FRONT wheel drive when the BACK is being pushed down? Right again...the front is being forced up which results in....anybody? Very good...less traction on the front wheels because they're being lifted off the ground.

    Got rice? Me neither.

    91 Eagle Talon TSi in Hawaii

    Colt4T5 posted

  • colt... that's exactly what i'm saying!

    derek posted

  • Who makes the tail lights, I think I like the looks of those as opposed to the clear lenses...

    Rudy posted

  • I'm not a big wing fan either. But the point is not to improve grip accellerating. It is to improve the grip cornering. A wing in the rear would help the overall downforce, increasing cornering speeds (at track speeds) Secondly, Many Talons are AWD not FWD, so it would help grip for driven wheels for those cars.

    Hard Driver posted

  • Whats up? Alright buddy, well i'm pretty much doing the same thing to my 95 Eagle Talon. I bought the blitz body kit and altezza tailights which I will be getting soon. I still need to get headlights, I think I'm gonna get black projector headlights. I'm planning on putting on a carbon fiber hood to reduce the weight of my car. I dont agree with some of you about the rear wing on that eclipse. If it is an Eclipse GSX (ALL WHEEL DRIVE) then the spoiler serves a good purpose. My talon is AWD and i'm planning on buying a spoiler, however Im not gonna get one of those stupid azz aluminum spoilers, i'm buying a fiberglass high raised spoiler. Anyway, good luck with your car. Later

    The Red Devil posted

  • Nothing

    Awulong posted

  • do any one know where I can get some clear tail lights. Shop keep saying they can get some but they have not come in yet I been waiting for 3 to 4 month now. please help!!

    Awulong posted