It's on posted

Well, after hours of work by my dad and I, the kit is finally on... well most of it. We got the headlights, tail lights, and both bumpers on, but we couldn't get the side skirts. See the sideskirts will look best if we actually mold them into the car instead of just bolt them on, so I'm going to wait until I decide it's time to get the entire car repainted. I also put some new 6x9s in, finally. I needed them so bad. My buddy, Brandon, talked me into getting the Polk 369s, they sound so good.

If you want to see a couple pictures of my car, check out the front, and the back. I know it looks pretty dumb right now, but I get the bumpers painted this friday.
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  • It's awesome man !

    Jim posted

  • Looks pretty phat as it is dude...

    Mart - UKFSW posted