Kari's 23 posted

So yesterday was Kari's 23rd birthday. It was fun. I was sorta stressed about the night and how it wouldn't go well due to my lack of planning, etc. But it was a good time. First we went to Bistro Montage which looks like this hole in the wall on Ingersoll. But the place is really nice. The chefs are right there, they come out and talk to people, etc. Very cool. Plus they made some awesome food. It was definitely edible art.

After dinner we met Nick and Nicole at Club Aura which is a club that opened in West Des Moines a year ago. My aunt has been telling me to check it out for so long... I finally did and it was worth it. It's pretty retro inside with lots of places to sit. Plus, they have DJs that are actually spinning vinyl there. And quite a few plasma screens for visulizations. I imagine it's pretty hoppin on the weekends.

I'm really a fan of lit up walls in bars. They give a nice effect. So besides that, there were 2 for 1 martinis last night. This is dangerous. Like, you order a martini, and they bring you 2, wow.

The place was pretty dead once we got there. I saw a lot of familiar faces though. There was the "say what" guy from the open mic readings at House of Bricks, the DJ from Drink was walkin around, this other DJ that I saw downtown was spinning for a while, and that long haired BBoy that I see everywhere was dancing there too. Soon maybe I'll meet these guys and start spinning with them. And hopefully Kari enjoyed her birthday as much as I did.


  • Aura was definitely good, and I really liked the bouncy chairs around the tables...plus they had Goodfellas playing on one of the TVs...definitely my kind of place...oh yeah, and happy birthday kari

    nick posted

  • I totally should have met up with you guys, I sat at home and drank Miller Lite all night :(

    r00 posted

  • awww, weak sauce, i should've called.

    derek posted

  • Hopefully her boobs don't start to sag as she gets older.

    Kevi posted

  • Dang, I think I would need cooler clothes to go there. Definitely in for next time.

    vanwinkle posted

  • good call, kevi...i mean, who will want to check out kari's boobs then?

    nick posted

  • it was a great nite..

    the dinner was awesome and the place all together reminded me of lincoln cafe in mount vernon which i miss so much..

    aura is a good place. lots too look at and good booths to sit in.

    2 for 1 martinis were perfect! :) except when you drop your last olive on the floor...

    and as for my boobs.. (which often seem to be the topic of dereks friends conversations) you dont need to worry about those kevi.. they are still as perky as ever.. you can wear my bra on your head whenever you want.

    it was a wonderful birthday derek.. thank you..

    (but i dont want you to think its over yet.. we still have 3 more weeks in october!)

    kari posted

  • maybe one day, i'll be able to skip the bra and wear your boobs on my head haha

    kevi posted

  • hahaha

    derek posted

  • haha.

    zach posted