Kevi, Jeff, Will, and Ninja's Balls posted

So this was a pretty unplanned weekend... Originally we were supposed to go to Mt Vernon to hang out with our friends. But since we're poor and have a ton of stuff to catch up on, we decided to stay here. Luckily it turned out to be a fun weekend anyway...

Friday Ninja got surgery. He had his balls cut out and dew claws removed - for some reason it didn't slow him down a bit though. Just to be safe we got him a cone head so he wouldn't chew stitches out. Plus I thought it would be funny.

Kevi came over friday so that he could find an apartment (w00t!). Since he was in town we decided to have a few people over to grill out. We made steaks, chicken, salmon, etc. Chuck brought pheasant, haha. It was a fun time. We mostly hung out, played video games, and remained chill. Except for the trip to Stix... and the walk home at the end of the night. I love chutes and ladders.

Saturday, we took Ninja's bandages off and the punk started licking his stitches like mad. I had to put the cone head on him and he didn't know wtf to do. He did not move for 10 minutes, haha. Later Jeff Wingert and Will Pratt came out. We went to Raccoon River, the Funny Bone, Drink, Cabaret, and Down under. It was a fun night.

Sunday I hung out mostly and decided that it would be a good idea to take apart and repaint my bumper brackets. This was in fact a bad idea. I've still got a couple more coats of paint to put on tonight. Then I gotta put it back together so I can take it into the body shop in the morning. Great.


  • Poor Ninja. Uncle Kevi loves him. haha

    Chutes and ladders rules, but it's way too difficult to explain to girlfriends. They just don't get it.

    I can drink water like a fish.

    Kevi posted

  • I wish I was a drinker and partier so I could hangout. I have tried Chutes and Ladders but keep pissing on people's lawns instead.

    nathan posted

  • Damn that is a big cone should wear that to work on Friday.

    r00 posted

  • you're wearing the hood also. Did you and ninja get your balls chopped off together?

    Greg posted

  • no, but i'm debating...

    derek posted

  • I hear that's the new thing this year..

    Greg posted

  • Hey there everyone! I was sitting here, bored at work, when I stumbled across your site. I noticed something, you mention going to all these different bars, but I didn't see any mention of you guys stopping into Denny Arthur's, I know it's a bit of an older crowd there, but it's a great place to dance, hang out, and imbibe. I happen to be a cocktail waitress there and would like to personally invite you all to come and visit. I'll even buy your first round!!! Oh, sidenote, noticed in your pics that you all drink bottled beer, sorry, but at Arthur's we only serve draught beer. Then, once the DesMoines Alive website adds Denny Arthur's to their list of bars, Nathan can post a review. I promise you that at Arthur's, I will make sure that you are taken care of. So, come on in and see me some Saturday night, just ask for Chris. Take care all!

    Chris posted