Kraus is gone but the burger lives on posted

Today was Chad Kraus' last day at Pioneer... weird. So here's a little story of him and his time here...

He started the same day I did almost a year ago. The punk actually got the job I applied for, hehe whatever, I write web apps (roxor). Anyway, chad was fun because he always fell asleep in meetings. He also made lots of funny faces and was a big alcoholic.... haha, j/k.

For a few months we put random food (pickles, pepper bar, donuts, etc) in one of his drawers. It took him a few month's to find it and when he did, it was gross and he was mad. Kraus' family also has a big involvement with Dairy Queen; a lot of times kraus would go home to eat hamburgers for lunch. So Nehru started calling them Krausburgers... which caught on big time.

Since Chad is leaving, yesterday we decided to trash his cube. Minnis had a little too much fun with this.

Today for lunch, Nehru hosted a going away party so we made Krausburgers at his place. Today we also came up with the KB logo for them. Check out Cedric, Jason, and Chad and I with our Krausburgers. I left one last drawing on Chad's whiteboard

Bye Chad.... SELLOUT, hehehehe.



  • ;-(

    winky-frowny with a nose

    vanwinkle posted

  • Gonna miss you Kraus...(sarcasm)..hahah...but the Krausburgers will live on forever.

    r00 posted

  • Well, now. I didn't put all that stuff in his cube...just the bigger box. Long live the Krausburger!!!. 8>(

    minnis posted

  • Do you guys ever work?!? I'm torn between thinking this is either really funny or really sad! Hope you had fun...

    Karisa Cheddie posted

  • so it looks like kari isn't going to stop asking that question very soon. i thought it'd fade with time... but man, nehru has been there like 5 years.

    derek posted

  • i think nehru used to actually work before you "young guns" showed up...come to think of it, i think i used to get stuff done too...punks

    nick posted

  • Over 2 years have passed... I have moved a couple times, survived 5 hurricanes, and I no longer sell "Krausburgers" for a living. I am now a licensed real estate agent and free-lance webdeveloper. It rules. Hope everyone is doing well.

    Kraus posted

  • pjuped... yeah... You guys will have fun with that one! HA!

    Over 2 years have passed...


    Kraus posted

  • ?

    Kraus posted