Laser Radar, I hate you posted

This morning started off awesome when I was getting on the interstate from University to go to work. There were 2 semis and quite a few other cars about 6 feet apart and no one seemed to notice my turn signal (which made it impossible to merge). Naturally, ultra road rage kicked in. At this point I glanced forward and saw that the light was green at the end of the ramp to get back off of the interstate, so I floored it down the ramp and came back up onto the interstate from Hickman.

At this time, I just felt like catching up to everyone that wouldn't let me in so I could cut each and every one of them off, haha, I am a loser. So I'm doing 85-90 weaving through the 3 lanes of traffic that make up Interstate 80/35 in Urbandale. I go blasting around that big corner in the interstate and cought up to those drivers that cut me off...

That's when I see a cop along the median hanging half out of his driver's side door with a laser gun pointed right at my face. Stupid stupid laser, it gives no warning compared to normal radar. However, it gave me a quarter of a second to hit my breaks and maybe slow down 1 MPH.

Anyway, It took a half a second for him to get into his car and come after me. I got pulled over doing 87 in a 65 about 200 yards from my exit.

Luckily, the officer knocked it down to 80 for me, because technically I should have lost my license for 85+ MPH.

Why do I make my car faster??? haha, fun day already.
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  • Ahahahaha! Dude! You'd be banned and facing a huge fine for that kinda thing over here. Rock!

    dunk posted