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Man. It's been nearly a month since I've actually blogged about life. So let's see... what's happened...

First of all, dad visited at the beginning of January. We hung out, worked on my truck stereo, did some Christmas stuff, visited the cousins, etc. It was nice - rushed, but definitely nice to hang out.

Oh, and I finally finished my first tattoo. My final session was January 11th and it was awesome. After we were done, both Budha (my artist) and I were like, "weird... welp, I guess this is it." Then we cried, hugged, and parted ways. No, it's pretty crazy to just be... done. I think I'll make sure my next tattoo is one of those "single sitting" type of things. The words "vive vitam" shouldn't be too tough. Now I just gotta find location, font, and size - a much smaller size.

I've also been looking a bit at houses. Ever since my dad started his house project, it really got me interested in flipping and inhabiting my own place. It's kinda fun to be looking at houses again. You should see some of the things I've looked at... So much work, so much potential, so scary. ...but I've really gotta make a decision soon. My current mortgage is on a 5 year ARM, which I signed with full intentions of moving within 5 years - August 2009. If I don't move by then, I'll need to refinance to avoid possible crazy rates.

So as it is, Kari and I are finally rocking financially. Then I get this sudden urge to dive right back in with a new house project, or refinance and stick around at our current place for a few more years. It's a tough decision with the market so ready for my money. I'm on the verge of a possible amazing investment... but it's going to be a ton of work. Scary stuff, that life is. Vive vitam, I suppose.

So anyway, Kari put her foot down this week and we joined a gym. Apparently I've got some shape that I need to get into. Especially for broomball. I'm gonna die with half-ice and full-ice double headers every week... with a possible triple and even quadruple header here and there. Man, haha. Shit.

Also, I got my first (professional) haircut today since like April 2006. Since then I've basically just been buzzing it - lazily. And it sucks because I really like my salon. I should support them more than once every 2 years.

The last thing I guess is work. Red 5 is going great. I really love the stuff I'm working on and I think within a few months, Todd and I will really be rocking it. That's my hope anyway. Side work with Nick is also going good. We've got something really good going on. A straight up bonafied new, NEW. ...well not really. But it's fun, and I think it'll be really good. We're stoked and you're not invited! ..atleast not til beta.

So other than all that, Kari and I have also been partying. Ando's Karaoke night, Kent's party bus, hanging out with Wingert's family, etc. Now we're prepping for a big spree of partying. The next few weekends entail, Summer's Wedding, Bockfest/superbowl, possibly the Chicago Auto Show, possible snowboard trip, a visit from Ben, and a few birthday parties.

Oh, and I bought some Nikes.


  • Snowboard trip to CO?

    Stacy posted

  • man, i wish! probably just gonna hit up minnesota or something though.

    derek posted

  • I was thinking of going to that show. You don't have pictures of your shoes posted? That's lame dude.

    Nathan posted

  • glad life's good. keep it up.

    Alex posted

  • those shoes are impressive. keep posting, it's worth the read.

    praying for ya buddy.


    Jordan Muck posted

  • awesome

    coolio posted