Lightning, Tornados, Floods, Bow Fishing posted

I usually try not to write unless big things are happening... because blogs get annoying when people talk about every detail of their lives. But man so many things have already happened this week.

Yesterday the road to was flooded over on the way to work. Stupid water. It is seriously so high right now. When I finally got there, I look down at my front tire and saw a screw sticking right out of the middle of it. ...I was wondering wtf that clicking sound was sunday night when driving around, haha.

I also found out that the second half of the Dark Lotus - Black Rain tour has been cancelled which seriously seriously pisses me off. I was so pumped about it. Although I think Richie and Mitch are still going to come visit. We gotta find something to do in this lame town over the weekend.

A little later in the day the storms got pretty bad. Nehru and I were watching lightning out across the fields from work. We saw these radio towers get struck by lightning 5 times in a matter of about 5 minutes. One of them ruled. Lightning from about the whole horizon all went down and nailed this one tower. As soon as I got home tornado sirens started going off and hail started dumping all over the place. It is sort of weird not having TV or radio during times like those. You have no idea if you're about to see something cool, get killed, or hang out.

Anyway, today at lunch we all went to the Sailorville Lake spillway. We thought water would be rushing out of it... which it was... but nothing different than any other day. However we did see this super-bootylicious chick and a guy bow-fishing. That stuff is insane. I mean, fishing is sorta cool when you catch a fish... but you sit there all friggin day waiting to get like 1 fish. I am not a patient enough person for that. I like challenges. See with fishing there isn't a challenge really. You just sit there. With a bow and arrow you're actually challenged. It requires skill. So maybe if you suck you would be there all day. But at least you are practicing and getting better at something.

I dont know. I'm going to ask my dad if I can buy his old hunting bow. I wonder if that is what they use. Time to research... I want to murder some fish off.
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  • ""Although I think Richie and Mitch are still going to come visit. We gotta find something to do in this lame town over the weekend.""

    If you're looking for something to do during that time, how about spend it packing your stuff and loading it in a uhaul?




    I'm joking! I've been to Iowa a few times, and it is quite nice there.

    Greg posted

  • yeah des moines is not really lame. i just keep comparing it to the fun i have in bigger cities.

    derek posted

  • You just never know what you will see at the Spillway. I think Freak Show Central has their headquarters there. I don't know what is more entertaining, the water rushing out at 90 MPH or the people that converge there.

    r00 posted