Lollapalooza 2007 posted

My last 2 birthdays have been the most insanely awesome/draining weekends ever. My birthday, in Chicago, on Lollapalooza weekend. The best thing about this year was that I saw every band that I had written down to see, except for silverchair. I even saw some shows on conflicting schedules, yessss.

However, my feet always kill me during the entire weekend. I either need some better walking shoes or a better walking job. I sit way to much for walking 1.5 miles from the hotel to the park, which is 3/4 mile from end to end. I bet during lollapalooza weekend I walk 20-30 miles, which is about 1 mile for every pound of food I probably eat.

Anyway... here's how the weekend went.


We got into town and went to visit Harper at Threadless. I really hate Harper now. Just being in his building, watching kids having fun and make a business work... it really makes you think twice about what you're doing in life. Yeah, threadless is insane.

So after Threadless we hung out, met up for dinner at Bite, then went out to Debonair, where an Omaha band was playing, wtf? They were good. We partied til 4am - with Ashley Simpson, wtf???

  • Ghostland Observatory - Amazing Live. Their front man is insane. I should dance more like him.
  • MIA - Disappointing, but still hot. The sound was too loud, and she claimed she lost her voice at her last show
  • Rapture - Sounded great live!
  • Blonde Redhead - Haven't really heard them before, but I really liked them
  • The Black Keys - Rock n Roll... Sounded Great
  • LCD Soundsystem - Really good, Really Fun
  • Daft Punk - omg. Seriously amazing. I have never seen a crowd move like that. Thousands of people dancing from start to finish. And their lights, wtf. At first I was a little disappointed with their set, then 1 thing would light up, then during the next song, another thing would light up. By the end of the show, nearly everything on the stage lit up, it was ridiculous. I took 100 pics of just their set.

We woke up early to watch Jeff graduate at the Chicago Symphony Center then went to lunch at The Gage on Michigan. It was a nice ceremony in a super nice setting. But once again, why do people bring babies to events like this? They're like little Hyenas communicating with each other. It's ridiculous. Aliens. But anyway, congrats to Jeff!

After the ceremony we walked to the hotel to change, then walked back to the fest and saw:
  • Rhymefest - Just caught the end of the set due to Kari's slow feet, but it was really good
  • Roots - Amazing as expected
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Pretty decent. That chick is crazy.
  • Spoon - Good. not insane, not bad. I liked them.
  • Muse - Awesome
Then we cut out to Wabi to celebrate graduation, my birthday and eat good sushi. And afterwards, more celebrating at Debonair til 5am. It was out of control.


I woke up and went to Henson's for breakfast then got a ride from his wife down to the fest. <3
  • Lupe Fiasco - sounded good, nothing spectacular
  • Amy Winehouse - didn't really sound that good live. maybe she was drunk... or hungry
  • Iggy and the Stooges - omg. ridiculous. He is the worst dancer but that doesn't stop a thing. It was hilarious when he told everyone to crash the stage. Security was PISSED. He had sooo many people up there. The bad part was that he did this in the middle of his set, haha. So he had to kick them all back off the stage which took like 10-15 minutes of his show time.
  • !!! - Good, fun show.
  • Modest Mouse - Sounded good live, I was surprised.
  • Flosstradamus - Incredible DJs. They run with Harper's clique so a few people I've met were dancing on stage.
  • Kid Sister - hot. and good. I liked her set.
  • TV on the Radio - didn't sound as good live as I wanted, but they sounded pretty decent
  • Pearl Jam - I think Eddie Vedder ate all Amy Winehouse's sandwiches. Pearl Jam is Pearl Jam and they sounded like Pearl Jam... not much else to say about that
And after the fest we went to Steph/Manuel's place for some dinner and hanging out.


Woke up, went to Henson's, went to threadless, then drove home. <3 ipass.

What a good weekend. Iggy and Daft Punk were my 2 favorite shows. I only wish I could've hung out with all of my friends more. Too many of Kari and I's friends were at the fest this year. However, I saw Iggy and the Stooges on my Birthday, haha. Who can say that?

Thanks to everyone who was a part of it! I had a blast.


  • Amazing photos! What a good time.

    Nicole posted