Lollapalooza 2015 posted

This was one of the weaker lineups I've seen at Lollapalooza, but out of tradition, we of course still went. On top of a few great shows, we got to hang out with good family and friends, eat some good food, enjoy a few cocktails, and shop on Milwaukee Ave. Here's who we saw...


Kari's dad joined us so that he could see Paul McCartney, which was awesome.

  • Father John Misty - I have no idea who this is, but we caught part of this set while waiting for Hot Chip. They were talented, but the lead singer talked a lot and was pretty weird.
  • Hot Chip - super fun, live. I love their drummer and I want their lead singer's chrome shorts.
  • DJ Snake - haha. Ridiculous. Perry's stage has gotten outta control. The college EDM scene is just taking over lollapalooza... which is kinda weird.
  • Alabama Shakes - wow. I don't really think I knew anything about these guys, but they are pretty amazing. I wish I would've stayed for more of this set.
  • Young Thug - heh. This was pretty terrible. Dude was rapping (about 3/4 of the time) over his own songs (like, with his voice still on the track)... but it was still fun.
  • Paul McCartney - I had no idea that dude put on such a good show. He's 73, still sounds great, and can still completely rock a show... for 2 hours... without even drinking water. It was awesome to see a Beatle live. I'm pretty sure Kari's dad loved it as well. And so did these cops.


  • Death from Above - rocks it. Their showmanship isn't crazy or anything. They just get on stage, start rocking, and don't stop.
  • RL Grime - Nasty, grimy, dance music. I needed Clint or Harper with me to really enjoy this one. But it was still fun.
  • Walk the Moon - Kari wanted to drop by this one. I have no idea who they are.. and I still don't cause I couldn't hear shit at their show.
  • Tyler, the Creator - What a crazy person. Seeing him live was pretty fun, but man. What a crazy person.
  • Kid Cudi - Really sounds great live. This was a super chill set (especially after Tyler, the Creator) that we hung in the back for. It reminded me to listen to Kid Cudi more often.
  • Metallica - My second time seeing this dudes. They sound ridiculously good live (just like their albums), and just rock so hard. Great show.

Afterwards: a bit of clubbing


  • Odesza - I'm not really sure why I was watching this band live... but I should definitely give them a listen in my office some time.
  • Gogol Bordello - easily the best show of the festival. These dudes rock so hard and put on such an animated show. If you haven't seen these guys live, see these guys live. Pure craziness.
  • A$AP Rocky - easily, the biggest bummer of the festival. I was so stoked to see this show, but it was awful. He spent so much time talking and when he rapped, he just yelled... His hype men were honestly doing more rapping than him. Shortly into his set he was basically just a hype man himself, yelling "ayy!" while his DJ played Jump Around and Smells Like Teen Spirit... After that, he asked the crowd if they wanted to "turn up some more" and everyone yelled, "NOOOOOO" lol. The best part of the show was when Chance the Rapper came on stage and actually rapped. The second best part of the show, was seeing the crowd surfing wheelchair dude again
  • TV on the Radio - whew. It was good to end on these guys, who actually performed their own music. What a great band.
Here are the rest of my photos!

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