Memorial Day Insanity posted

This weekend was seriously insane. Kari and I got to go to our 2 favorite places in 1 weekend, Cornell and Chicago - Rule.

So, friday night we showed up at Cornell and hung out with lots of friends before they graduate. Wingert even showed up, so needless to say we had to break Mt Vernon. Besides that it was nice to see everyone. Elizabeth's brothers came, Dr Bob and the family were there, and tons of others. For some reason I decided I should buy drinks for everyone. Seriously. One funny thing is the Froehlich family was drunk and playing quarters. You could hear people chanting, "DOC-TOR-BOB! DOC-TOR-BOB!" haha. Other than that, jeff and I were generally destructive. I fell pretty hard tripping in this street. It was pretty lame and really out of character. I got bloody.

Then after sleeping for 3 hours, we had to wake up and go to Chicago for Kari's, cousin's, husband's, sister's wedding - haha. It was my first Ukranian Orthodox wedding - really weird. The ceremony was an hour and a half long, you had to stand the entire time, the priest sung everything he said (while the choir would bust out in song every couple minutes). Umm, lots of bowing, crossing chests, there were crowns for the bride and groom that they had to kiss, there was a 42 page brochure/script, the bride and groom had their hands tied together and had to walk in a circle 3 times. I don't know. Weird. But whatever, it was educational. The reception was really nice.

So after the reception, we met up with Harper. We had a posse of like 25 people running from bar to bar. We started out at this place called Rodan, where instead of mirrors in the bathrooms they had LCD monitors with cameras. Then we hopped over to Ybar, which is like the most expensive bar in Chicago. I saw a guy order a cosmo and a jack/coke and it was $22, haha. But with our crowd, we drink for free??? Plus there were a ton of hot people there. After Ybar was Soundbar, which is a pretty big place. I talked to the guys from Kill Hannah a bit. Greg said the tour with HIM was amazing. I'm sooooo mad I couldn't make it. He said they're all shy, and Bam was at like 80% of the shows. Grrrr. Anyway, after Soundbar we went to this goth club called Neo - it was fun, we danced. Then we made sure to get to Crobar before it closed at 5am. And lastly we ate breakfast, went to bed at 6AM, then woke up at 9 to catch a train to kari's cousin's house. That's 6 hours of sleep in 2 nights.

So, Sunday we grilled out with Kari's family and then drove back to Cedar Rapids for the night where we met Lindsey at Granite City to hang out. And Monday we drove back to Des Moines to have friends over to grill out again. Kevi and Nick died their hair. wtf.

So yeah, craziness. Today I have to work hard. Hopefully I get my projects done.
My posse's gettin big, and my posse's gettin better!


  • Goddammit, I was looking for some cool soaping/skating story to explain the giant wound on your arm. Now I am pissed.

    vanwinkle posted

  • Derek has proved that running while intoxicated can be dangerous, kids remember to always wear your safety equipment.

    Wingert posted

  • Why didn't you guys call me...I want to dye my hair black too.

    r00 posted

  • when you are carrie get married are you going to do it?

    Greg posted

  • I don't think I know Greg, but I do know he is lacking in the grammar department. Anyway, you missed a kick ass show and Collin's graduation party for a Ukranian Wedding and Crobar? Anyway, probably be in Des Moines next week, I'll let you know.

    ben posted


    Jordan posted

  • Ah man...I missed a hair dying session...I want to dye my head black...since I have no hair...

    Rico posted