If there's one thing that city living taught me, it's that I have way too much shit in this house of mine. Massive junk purging starts now.

Same. Releasing a massive amount of stuff in the next few weeks.
thx @micah.we do want to promote sharing and interacting vs 'dumping' @harper @mg @sco @abatalion @broox

500px posted

Hah. Buy a bigger house.
if its any cool stuff I would like to be consider as someone u want to give it too haha

theP_A_U_L posted

let me know if you have storage bins. I'm looking for some in the garage.
@birdbox @mg @sco @abatalion @broox @harper @bubs does a great job with @colourlovers. But he is the rule: passion is always organic.

micah posted

Absolutely love what they've built with their forums. Valuable community example to follow @micah @mg @sco @abatalion @broox @harper @bubs
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