if you get a wedding invitation that has both your and your spouse's names spelled incorrectly on it... do you go to that wedding?

Is there an open bar? If yes then go
only if it's your sibling and they need your support

davidcrespo posted

Was it addressed to Jim Smith? Then, by all means. Mr and Mrs Smith should go fuck up that wedding
1. will there be an open bar
2. is it in a place you actually want to go to
3. what’s on their gift registry
What do you mean, Derrick Broox?
yes but give a gift card for a minimal amount, don't write the amount on the card and don't sign your names.
Yes, and you get them a wedding present of monogrammed china with the wrong initials.
I say you spend $25 less for each misspelled word on their wedding gift.
Return to sender! "nobody with that name lives here."
If they're both rednecks you should probably expect that. Otherwise they probably don't know you well enough.
Depends. How married are you to your spouse?
I said dont go to weddings unless u r family... and if not crash them..
just correct your names in the provided fields on the RSVP, like on a medical invoice
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